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On behalf of the entire Center Parcs team, I would like to welcome you to Park Zandvoort.

This site has been created for you in order to make your stay as pleasant as possible. All important information on the park is contained on this site. Through this site we communicate all specific cottage info, instructions for the various equipment in your accomodation to the cottage ABC.  

If you have any questions after reading this folder, the staff at the Reception will be happy to help you.

Alexander Peulen, General Manager Park Zandvoort 


You can reach us at the following telephone numbers:


+31 23 5720000

Reservations Restaurants

+31 6 53698015

Take Away

If you wish to take away, you can do so at the Grand Café


+31 23 5741118


On the day of your departure we would like to ask you to…

…collect the bed linen and towels in the coloured bag and place them in the hallway of the cottage.

…recycle the waste in the appropriate containers near your cottage.

…take the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and put the inventory back in the right place.

…put the furniture back in the right place.

…open the windows in your cottage on the ventilation position and close the doors.

…leave the cottage by 10 a.m. at the latest. Your bracelets must be returned! We ask you to leave them in the appropriate box, which you can find at the gate by exit park and the gates on parking spaces or at Reception.

… complete and hand in the survey, so we can make your next stay even more enjoyable. Your opinion counts.

Thank you!
On behalf of all employees of the Housekeeping Team.


TV Channels

995Center Parcs TV
996Center Parcs TV
997Business Solutions
998Information Activities
999Information Activities
1NPO 1
2NPO 2
3NPO 3
4RTL 4
5RTL 5
6SBS 6
7RTL 7
8NET 5
10RTL 8
43SAT 1

General Information ABC


Download our free Center Parcs Planet App. Here you will find the current overview of all activities and opening hours. You will also receive detailed information about the activities and facilities and you can book them directly. In addition, you can view all menus of our restaurants and reserve a table directly. Via the interactive parkplan you easily find the quickest way.

Aqua Mundo

Our Aqua Mundo is open daily. You can find the opening times in the Center Parcs App. The wristbands allow you to enter Aqua Mundo throughout your stay. You can also lock up the swimming pool locker with your wristband.

Beach flags

The orange windbag: You may bathe and swim. Floating objects (air mattresses, etc.) are prohibited.

The yellow flag: It is dangerous to bathe or swim. Usually it has to do with the weather.

The red flag: It is forbidden to bathe or swim.

The red-yellow flags: The area between the two flags is a supervised bathing area. Lifeguards supervise this area. Water sports are forbidden in this zone.


With the bracelet you can:

  • open your cottage door;
  • open the outgoing barrier of the parking spaces P2 and P3;
  • open the gate that will be closed between the park and the hotel from 22:00 and 06:00;
  • open the entrance to the Aqua Mundo and Action Factory
  • open and close the lockers in the Aqua Mundo
  • all your vouchers have been digitised and are on your bracelet. For all booked activities, catering or cycling arrangements, go directly with your bracelet to the assigned location.

Activity vouchers: Go to reception to use the free activities as part of the early bookings offer and book your activities there. The reception also has an overview of the current range of activities you can book with your activity vouchers.

The bracelets must be returned on departure.

Bread delivery service

You can book this service at our Daily Foodstore. The bread will be delivered between 07:00 and 09:00 and stored in the storeroom.

Bread delivery service VIP-cottages

If you have booked a VIP cottage before 6 February 2024, a bread roll delivery service is included. These are left in the storage room next to the front door every morning between 07:00 and 09:00.

Important!: This service is only valid for bookings made before 6 February 2024, for bookings made after this date this service is no longer valid.

Car-free park

Because this is a car-free park, it is not allowed to use the car on the park outside the changeover days. On the changeover days children and pedestrians always have right of way over other traffic (cyclists also have to give way).

The permitted speed is 15 km/h. We kindly ask you to drive alone on the roads. On the day of arrival you must park your car in the general car park after unloading. On the day of departure you can pick up and load the car an hour before departure.

Cash withdrawal

You can withdraw cash at the Market Dome. The ATM is located on the right of the entrance to the Daily Foodstore.

Center Parcs TV

See the best adventures of Orry and his friends, discover everything about the world of Center Parcs. Start or end your day with an active workout and immerse yourself in PéPéTéVé’s past. The Center Parcs canal has something for everyone! On this moment this Channels are only offererd in Dutch and German.

Charging Point electric car

at park zandvoort we have 8 charging points for electric cars.

  • 8 charging points in the park. You can find them in the car park p3
  • 4 charging points at the hotel. You can find them in the car park p1

How to charge using a charging card or key?

Connect your charging plug to the charging point.

Connect your charging plug to the car.

Hold your card once over the scanning point of the
respective charging point.

Wait until you hear a beep (within 3 seconds). If the
light turns blue, the charging process begins.

You can end the charging process by holding your card
over the scanning point again, waiting for the beep, and then disconnecting the

Status indications:

Flashing Green: Standby

Blue: Charging

Flashing Red: Unknown card or cable not correctly connected

Red: Charging point not available/Fault

Battery full”

Children’s furniture

All cottages (with the exception of a 2 person VIP Cottage) have a cot and a high chair. If this furniture is not available in your cottage, it can also be in the storage room. The key to the storage room is on a hook next to the front door.

The cot can also be used as a playpen. If you need extra children’s furniture or a children’s duvet package, you can rent these items at the Parkreception.

Departure day

You must leave the cottage on the day of departure at 10.00 am for cleaning. You can enjoy the facilities in the park for the rest of the day, unless the park is temporarily closed after the end of your stay.

Please put the bed linen and towels in the coloured bags and put them in the corridor.

Please leave the cottage tidy, empty the dishwasher and take the rubbish to the appropriate containers. (The various containers are indicated on the park map, you can also view them via the Center Parcs Planet App) Also look under the bed so that you don’t forget anything. For early departures; on Mondays and Fridays the barriers are open from 06:00.

Your bracelets must be handed in! Please leave them in the appropriate box that you can find at the exit of the park, the outgoing barriers on the car parks or the Reception.

Doctors and pharmacies

For information, telephone numbers and route descriptions, please contact the reception or the porter’s lodge. You can also call us on telephone number 0031 23  5741100.

For emergencies, call the emergency number 0031 23 5741118

Dont feed animals

Please do not feed the gulls, deer and other animals. This also applies to the animals in the petting zoo.


You can make a significant contribution to protecting the environment by sorting your waste. Together, we can create a healthier legacy for our children!

Please sort your waste as follows:

GlassBottles, glass jars, etc.

Waste paper:Dry paper, newspapers, magazines, cardboard, etc.

Plastic: Plastic packaging, bags & drink cartons.

Batteries: Staff at the Reception will be pleased to take  your empty batteries.

Residual wasteResidual waste.

The waste containers are situated in the direct vicinity of your cottage. You can also find them on the map of the village.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Report your emergency under the emergency number 0031 23 5741118.

Extend your stay or book your next holiday

Will you be returning soon? Or extend your stay with one night! For more information, availability and bookings, go to the Reception.

Extension cable

At the Park reception you can borrow an extension cable against payment of a deposit.

First Aid

The first aid post is located at Badpost at the entrance of the Aqua Mundo. Outside the opening hours of Aqua Mundo, you can go to the porter’s lodge at the Park reception.

For emergencies, call the alarm number 0031 23 5741118.


The gate between the park and the hotel will be closed between 22:00-06:00. You always can open the gate with your bracelet.


At park Zandvoort you will find a hairdryer in the Premium and VIP Cottages.


To provide information, we are available 24 hours a day under telephone number 0031 23  5720000. You can also obtain information about the park and its surroundings at our Reception. Furthermore, we are active on Facebook, Youtube, Tripadvisor, Instagram and of course you can download the app.


There is a laundry next to the reception.

Tokens for the washer and dryer are available at Reception. Opening hours, can be found at the Center Parcs Planet App.

Washing powder is automatically filled into the machine when you select a programme. You must remove your laundry from the machine as soon as the programme is finished.

Lost & Found

Have you lost something? If guests or our staff have found something, it will be kept. Please ask our reception staff or call 0031 23 5720000.

Noise nuisance

In the event of disruption to your holiday rest, please contact our staff on 0031 23 5720000. This number can be reached day and night. An employee will also be happy to help you during the opening of the reception.

Opening hours

The current overview of all opening hours can be found in the Center Parcs App.

Park & House regulations

The park and house rules can be found on this site.


Your pet is welcome at the park and in the cottages (except Beach Chilla) of Park Zandvoort.

It is not allowed to bring your pet into the Market Dome, the Center Parcs Beachhotel or the Action Factory.

As a precaution for other guests, your pet must be kept on a leash in the park and wear a flea collar. Your pet must have a chip or tattoo. There is a dog toilet near your cottage.

If you have not yet registered your pet, please do so at the Park reception.

In the period from 15 April to 1 October dogs are allowed on the beach throughout the day. The beach as a whole is designated as a drop-off area and dogs do not have to be kept on a leash.

From 15 April to 1 October dogs are not allowed on the beach between 09:00 and 19:00. An alternative is the beach in Bloemendaal near Parnassia. There dogs are allowed on the beach all year round. Click here for more information.


Mail, newspapers, etc. intended for you will be kept at the Reception.

Reservation activities

You can easily book all activities via the Center Parcs App or the kiosks.

Reservations restaurant/Table-cooking

For diner you have to reserve a table. You can reserve your table at the Food & Drinks Info Point in the Market Dome or through the Center Parcs App.

You can also book all table cooking packages at the Food & Drinks Info Point or in the Daily Foodstore.

  • You can book the table cooking packages until 14:00;
  • We have a grill and a griddle, the packages are the same;
  • It will be delivered between 14:00 and 17:00, in case of absence we will put it in the storeroom;
  • After the meal, the plate and the cool box can be put in the storage room and we will pick them up the next morning.

If you have any questions about the delivery of your table cooking, please call 0031 23 5720000.

Safe deposit box

The safe can be found in the bedroom closet. We advise you to use this safe for your valuables. For sport activities, please leave your jewellery safely in the locker of your cottage.

For this electronic safe you will find the user information in the manuals.

When you leave, please empty your safe and leave the door of the safe open.


We would appreciate if you would like to smoke on the terrace and not in the cottage. All our cottages are non-smoking.

Storage room

The storage room is located outside next to the front door of the cottage. In the storage room you will find, among other things, a broom, dustpan and tin, a drying rack and a vacuum cleaner. Children’s furniture can also be stored in the storage room. The key to the storage room is hanging on a hook next to the front door of the cottage.

Did you order Bread Service Delivery? Or are you staying in a VIP Cottage, then the buns will be delivered every morning between 07.00 and 09.00 hrs in the storage room (because of the seagulls).

We will place the linen for the guests after you in the storage room. The park is too busy for transport on the departure days. We would like to ask you to leave this in the storage room.


To order a taxi you can call the following taxi exchanges:

  • Taxi Cenrale Fred Spronk +31(0)23 – 8885588
  • De Zandvoortse taxi +31(0)6 – 81612423
  • Taxi 023 Haarlem +31(0)23 – 8700700

Thank you for your stay! Enjoyed your stay? Let us know what you thought of your stay, on (search on Center Parcs Park Zandvoort or click on the logo below)


Through WhatsApp you can easily ask questions and pass on comments or notifications during your stay. This service is available 24/7 at  0031 6  83808374.

It is not possible to use WhatsApp to:

  • book activities;
  • make reservations for the restaurants;
  • to modify or extend your stay or make new accommodation bookings.
Wheelchair access

Aqua Mundo is easily accessible for wheelchairs.

There is a changing room, with toilet with support brackets and alarm system. There is a special wheelchair to drive into the wave pool and the 25-metre pool. Whirlpool, wild water rapids, outdoor pool and paddling pool are not wheelchair accessible. The sunbathing lawn and Grabber Joe’s are easily accessible.

In the hotel and in the Market Dome you will find a disabled toilet with alarm system. All facilities are accessible for wheelchairs, only at the bowing alley you can step down a few steps.

For the beach there are special wheelchairs. You can reserve these in advance. For more information:


There is premium wifi internet access throughout the park.

Household regulations

These household regulations apply to all parks belonging to Center Parcs (hereinafter called the landlord) and are intended for the tenants of the cottages, their parties, and in general all visitors to the parks of Center Parcs.

  1.  Arrangements that deviate from the clauses contained in these regulations are only valid if and insofar as such deviations are expressly agreed in writing  between the tenant and the landlord.
  2.  This tenant, his party and in general all visitors to the parks of Center Parcs are obliged to behave correctly and to refrain from acting in a manner that could reasonably be expected to cause offence to the landlord or to other visitors.
  3. The tenant is liable for any damage caused by him, his party or his visitors at the park to other people and/or to the property of the landlord or third parties at all. The sum owed by the tenant to the landlord by way of compensation for damage must be transferred as soon as the first straight forward written summons issued to that effect has been received.
  4. The tenant is not allowed to keep animals at the park that cause a nuisance or an inconvenience. The same applies to engines, instruments , tools or similar objects that may, in the opinion of the manager, cause a nuisance . Radios and other sound equipment must be used in such a way that they cannot be heard outside the cottage.
  5. The use of nitrous oxide (other than for culinary purposes) is strictly forbidden. The use of drugs and nitrous oxide (other than for culinary purposes) will result in a permanent removal from the village without a partial or complete refund of the rental amount and any entrance fees.
  6. The use of – flying – drones by the tenant, or any visitor, is strictly forbidden within the grounds and above the respective village.
  7. The landlord retains the right at all times to enter the cottages for an inspection and /or to carry out or supervise maintenance work. This will not entitle the tenant to a full or partial refund of the rent already paid or yet tot be paid.
  8. A speed limit of 15 kph applies to mechanical vehicles within the park grounds. Motorcycles, mopeds , motor-assisted pedal cycles , etc. are not allowed in the park unless the engine has been rendered inoperative.
  9. Mechanical conveyances with more than two wheels belonging to the tenant or to this party or to park visitors may not be parked within the grounds.
  10. The tenant, his party and /or visitors obliged to comply strictly with all directions and instructions given by or on behalf of the landlord consistent with the content of these regulations , this consistency to be judged solely by the landlord.
  11. The landlord and/or the person(s) responsible for ensuring compliance with these regulations is/are entitled , either with or without first issuing a warning, to expel (or have expelled ) from the park , and deny further access to, anyone who does not comply with or who violates any of the clauses in these regulations. The landlord will not be obliged to fully or partially refund cottage rent and/or admission fees already paid yet or yet to be paid.
  12.  Permanent residence in the park cottages is not permitted. The tenant must all times have a fixed place of residence elsewhere.
  13. The tenant is obliged to keep the interior of the cottage and the surroundings clean and free of waste. The tenant is obliged to deposit waste in the containers provided for this purpose.
  14. The tenant and in general all visitors are obliged to comply strictly with all governments or statutory regulations that apply at the park. Motorboats are not allowed on the lakes in the park and swimming in the outdoor water is not permitted unless expressly indicated otherwise.
  15. Outside the cottages, dogs must be kept on a lead. Dog owners must ensure that their dogs use the special dog toilets at the park.
  16. The landlord is not liable for any damage and / or accidents resulting from participation in activities and / or the use of facilities etc
  17. Tenants must be at least 21 years old of age.
  18. The landlord is at all times entitled to temporarily close down buildings and installations for maintenance work, without this giving the tenant/visitor the right to a full or partial refund of the rent already paid or yet to be paid.
  19. The landlord reserves the right to introduce changes to the park equipment , the staff activities and the services provided to the tenant/visitor , as well as to the prices charged and any plans made or publicized.
  20. If the tenant/visitor gives an incorrect name and or address, this may lead to the immediate cancellation of the tenancy agreement or reservation.
  21. Cottage tenants must adhere to the arrival and departure times given. Deviation from these times by the tenant may have financial
  22. Smoking (cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc.) inside the cottages is prohibited nor in any other place where there is a risk of fire. Electronic cigarettes are tolerated inside the cottages but should preferably be used outside the cottages.
  23. The Legal form of the landlord is an N.V. (Naamloze Vennootschap,or public limited company) The landlord reserves the right to change its legal form in the future, or to transfer its rights in relation to the park and ensuing from this contract. 

Regulations deposited with the registrar of the District Court of Rotterdam.

WiFi at Center Parcs Zandvoort

Login to a Smartphone or Tablet with Android


  1. Select ‘Settings’. Select ‘WiFi’ and switch it on.
  2. Choose ‘KPN’ as WiFi network.
  3. Open your Internet browser . The WiFi portal is now shown here. If you don’t see it, try browsing to any page (e.g. After this you will automatically be redirected to the KPN WiFi portal.
  4. Here you can login with your account or code card details. You can also buy a credit online here. At a free location choose ‘Start now’ to log in.
  5. The device is now logged on to the KPN WiFi network.

Please note
Is the connection breaking up? For example because the WiFi point is no longer in range or at a time out (if you are not using the connection for some time), open your Internet browser again. If the HotSpots portal is shown here, you can re-enter the login details; the smartphone automatically connects to the KPN WiFi network.


  1. Select the application ‘HotSpots’.
  2. The opening page of KPN HotSpots app is shown with all KPN WiFi HotSpots within a radius.
  3. Select ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Account’.
  4. Log in with your KPN HotSpots account by entering your login details. Check ‘automatically connect’ if you want the device to automatically connect to the KPN WiFi network in the future. Then select ‘Done’.
  5. Go back to the home screen. Select ‘Settings’ and then enable WiFi.
  6. If a KPN WiFi HotSpot is available within range, your device will connect to it.
  7. The device is now logged on to the KPN WiFi HotSpots network.


Please note
Is the connection breaking up? For example, if the WiFi point is no longer in range or at a time out (if you don’t use the connection for some time), it will recover automatically.

Please note
When you want to end your session, you need to log out.  You can do this by using the logout button on http://logout.hotspots or by using the QR code.

Login to an Apple (iPad, iPod or iPhone)


  1. Select ‘Settings’. Select ‘WiFi’ and switch it on.
  2. Choose ‘KPN’ as WiFi network.
  3. The device is then connected to the WiFi network. After this, a pop-up (Captive Portal) will automatically appear with the login portal. If the Captive Portal does not appear, open your Internet browser and open any page there (e.g. Here you can login with your account or code card details. You can also purchase a credit here online. In case of a free location, choose ‘Start now’ to log in.
  4. The device is now logged on to the KPN WiFi network.

Please note
Is the connection breaking up? For example, by not being in range of the WiFi point or at a time out (if you don’t use the connection for some time). Then you can turn WiFi off and on again and use the Captive Portal pop-up. Here, too, the ‘forget network’ can help.


  1. Go to the home screen. Select the HotSpots app.
  2. The opening page of KPN HotSpots app is shown with all KPN WiFi HotSpots within a radius.
  3. Select ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Account’.
  4. Log in with your KPN HotSpots account by entering your login details. Check ‘automatically connect’ if you want the device to automatically connect to the KPN WiFi network in the future. Then select ‘Done’.
  5. Return to the home screen of your device. Choose ‘Settings’ and select ‘WiFi’.
  6. If a KPN HotSpot is available within range of the device, it will appear in the list of found networks. Select the ‘KPN’ network. Your device will now connect to the KPN WiFi HotSpot.
  7. The device is now logged on to the KPN WiFi HotSpots network.

Please note
Is the connection breaking up? For example, by not being in range of the WiFi point or at a time out (if you don’t use the connection for some time). Open the app again and the device will automatically reconnect to the KPN network.

Please note
When you want to end your session, you need to log out.  You can do this by using the logout button on http://logout.hotspots or by using the QR code.

Four tips for when logging in doesn’t work right away:

  1. Empty your browser cache. You can do this using the settings of your browser. Once in your settings menu of your browser, choose to clear your history and website data, also called cache. Note: this also removes all recently visited websites and stored passwords.
  2. You can restart your device.
  3. You can forget about your WiFi settings, ‘KPN’ network and then reconnect.
  4. You can also stop and restart the app when using the HotSpots app.

Tips for safer internet via a WiFi HotSpot

KPN does everything possible to make our HotSpots as safe as possible. Nevertheless, there are still risks. Because of their ease of use, KPN WiFi HotSpots are open WiFi networks. The following tips increase your security:

  • Check if you are really logging into the KPN HotSpots portal by checking the address and the security certificate, by clicking on the ‘lock’ in the address bar. If the site does not have a valid security certificate a warning will be shown and no ‘lock’ will be shown.
  • An https site is secure and encrypts confidential data. Therefore pay attention to the ‘s’ in https.
  • Check whether the referral is to the correct web address (e.g. instead of
  • For sites that cannot be reached with https, a VPN (virtual private network) can be set up. This is as it were a traffic tunnel. Because of this, traffic can (almost) not be read by possible hackers, and thus be sent more securely. If a device has set up a VPN, an app will also send its traffic over it.
  • Perform regular updates of the operating system (e.g. the latest Android version) in order to have the latest version.
  • Firewall must be enabled and virus scanner active (e.g. KPN Safe).

Please note
Logging in via the KPN HotSpots portal does not provide extra security for Internet traffic after logging in.

What does KPN HotSpots do for security?

KPN HotSpots traffic is processed differently from its own WiFi connection: public traffic is handled via a separate network. Furthermore, all actions on the portal (both logging in and paying) are https secured. People connected to the same HotSpots network cannot see each other. And incoming traffic to your device (initiated from outside) is not allowed by KPN HotSpots. In addition, we regularly test the security of the portal.

This way you can use KPN WiFi with a secure VPN connection!

Set up VPN connection Android:After you have connected with the KPN Wifi network you go through the following steps:

  1. Go to ‘Settings > More (Settings) > VPN’.
  2. In the menu, select ‘Add/edit VPN profile’.
  3. In the description, you can enter HotSpots and select PPTP for the type of connection.
  4. At server address please enter:
  5. Check that “PPP Encryption (MPPE)” is on and save the settings.
  6. When the VPN is saved, select the VPN you created.
  7. Now enter the username: vpn and the password: kpn
  8. You can now connect to the VPN.

Set up VPN connection iOS: After you have connected
With the KPN Wifi network you go through the following steps:

  1. Go to ‘Settings > General > VPN’.
  2. Select ‘add VPN configuration…’ (You only have to do this once, after which the settings are saved).
  3. For the type of connection, select PPTP.
  4. At description you can fill in HotSpots and at server:
  5. RSA SecureID must be off, the username is: vpn and the password is: kpn
  6. The ‘Encryption level’ must be set to ‘Automatic’, ‘Steer all traffic’ must be on and the ‘Proxy’ must be off.
  7. Once you have entered these settings, select ‘Done’. You will return to the VPN screen.
  8. In this VPN screen you can enable the VPN at ‘VPN Configurations’. You are now connected via VPN.

Do you need help?

For more information visit, ask your question at reception or contact our Service Desk. If you call nationally from your location, please contact the number of your country. PLEASE NOTE: Your provider may charge extra for the use of your (mobile) phone.

France (0800) 90 78 23
Germany (0800) 187 30 04
The Netherlands (0800) 04 14
Belgium (0800) 704 24

If you call internationally from your location, use (088) 468 77 68. The service desk is available 24 hours a day and multilingual.

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